Support and Friends

Comunn na Piobaireachd (NZ) Inc., greatly values the support of organisations and individuals who assist us in promoting Piobaireachd and specific activities we promote.

In particular we greatly thank the Donald Bain Memorial Fund, William Boyle Foundation and the Ian and Margaret Lang Piping Trust for their invaluable support of some of our activities.


Donations and Friends of Piobaireachd

Further to the change in the Society’s rules agreed at the 2009 Annual General Meeting, the Society has now been registered as a charity.  In order to take advantage of this status, the Society is undertaking a formal campaign to build its financial reserves.  This is particularly to fund further work around its goals of attracting more young players to piobaireachd sooner and improving their performance through high quality tuition.

Friends is a way of recognising people who give sustained financial support for the activities of the Society.  Individuals can become a Friend by making donations of at least $200 per year.  Donations over a 10 year period (or single contribution of $2,000 or more) will result in recognition as a Lifetime Friend.

The Society offers Friends free spectator entry to any of its competitions, special updates each year advising the activities undertaken and those planned by the Society and the opportunity for public recognition as a Friend. This list of Foundation Friends was:

  • John Hanning
  • Iain Hines
  • Iain Blakeley
  • Broadbent family
  • Bill Sharp
  • George Mason
  • Paul Ross
  • Eade family
  • Marion Horsburgh
  • David Horsburgh
  • Philip Mair
  • Nigel Foster
  • Greg Wilson

The Friends warrant the Society’s special gratitude for their commitment to the Society’s objectives and their very tangible support to achieve those.  The Society’s intention is to retain its current Friends and enlarge its Friend base to around 50 over the next 1-2 years.

The Society has published a formal document identifying its goals for the future and providing a range of ways for individuals to contribute
financially to them, including becoming a Friend of Piobaireachd.  A copy of the document, under the heading “The Future of Piobaireachd in
New Zealand” is available from the Secretary on request or can be downloaded from the Society’s internet site at

Minimum donation of $200 per annum or $18 per month. To be made to the same bank account, ref: Your Name and “FOP”.