One thought on “Competitions

  1. I’m wondering if anyone would be at all interested in this site:

    I am working together with Barnaby Brown (and to a lesser degree, with very busy William Donaldson) to pull together a site for those wishing to delve into the history of pibroch performance and how it may impact modern players.

    The idea is:
    1) To be the “go-to” site for folks who wish to explore or publish pibroch versions or alternative expressions or even new compositions outside of the constraints of competition. A safe place for exploration into old/new ways of playing.

    2) To become the definitive site for easy access to old manuscripts. The Piobaireachd Society has done an excellent job making manuscripts available, but their website is really difficult to navigate. Ours is so simple and elegant, though as of right now incomplete: 9 collections cross-referenced with a tunes list. We are assembling all versions of each song (from before 1840) displayed on a single page. Easily searchable.

    I thought maybe Comunn na Pio NZ members might like to take a look. Members can post audio and video files. Forums could become a very nice way of discussing interpretation or discoveries.

    Hope you find it interesting enough to be useful.

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